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In the year of 1956, the Lord directed Bishop Benjamin F. Peterson, Sr. to the streets of South and West Philadelphia to “Preach the Gospel”. Accompanying him was his wife, Mother Estella Peterson, along with two of their sons. After a year of evangelizing, Bishop Peterson was blessed to acquire a mission at 834 Bainbridge Street, In South Philadelphia. It was here that many souls were claimed for Christ, and the Greater Bible Way Temple congregation began.    

Years later, in 1971, a former movie theater at the location of 5949-51 Spruce Street was chosen to become the next site of worship for the Greater Bible Way Family. Then, on May 5, 1984, mortgage settlement was made for six properties located at 52 & Media Street, Philadelphia, PA (Former St. Gregory’s Complex), which the saints would call home. The Lord had provided the GBT Family with a beautiful place of worship. In 1991, the Former Mayor W. Wilson Goode re-named Media Street to Bible Way Street and the final mortgage was paid off for the Philadelphia complex.   

 In 1994 Bishop Benjamin F. Peterson, Jr. was installed as the 2nd Pastor of the Greater Bible Way Church. Under his leadership programs for the community was established and complex extended. In September 2000, Bishop Peterson, Sr. was called from labor to reward. The vision continues and the people of God continue to trust in the Lord and strengthen the foundation.